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            Level II Co-Parenting Class

The Level II Co-Parenting class is appropriate for parents living apart from each other who are co-parenting children, who are either divorced, going through a divorce or never-married. The class is a psychoeducational class that will cover a variety of different topics including parent alienation, emotional control and how divorce impacts children. It is designed for parents who want to improve a co-parenting relationship, reduce co-parent conflict, and set the foundation for a businesslike co-parenting relationship which will benefit their children.


Co-parenting Participants will learn:  

- The effect of divorce on children and how to help children adjust to divorce

- Establishing healthy boundaries for effective living

- How to manage your emotions and self-care

- Guidelines for effective communication


                            Q & A


Does this class meet court ordered requirements for a Level 2 Class?

  • Yes

Can I attend the class alone?

  • Yes. Your Co-parent is not required to attend this class with you.

Can I just show up to class or do I need to register?

  • This class is currently offered online. Pre-Registration for the class is required.  You can register on the Level II Class Schedule Page. We must receive payment prior to the start of class. 




Program Fees:

Level II Class:

  • $175.00Per Individual 

Level III Group: 

  • Individual Intake $120.00 Per Individual
  • Joint Intake $120.00 Per Individual
  • Each Class Session is $100.00 Per Individual 
  • Exit Session $120.00Per Individual


Payment Forms Accepted: 







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