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The 10 Best Parenting Practices and 10 Pitfalls to avoid when Co-Parenting through Divorce


  1. Pay special attention to your child's needs at this time.
  2. Both parents should sit down together and talk to your children about the break up.
  3. Show your child where you are living before they have parenting time with you.
  4. It's important for your child to love both parents, so promote the other parent actively!
  5. Keep your kids' school, routines, and activities as stable as possible.
  6. Talk directly to your co-parent about adult issues, do not pass messages through your child.
  7. Keep parenting time transitions conflict-free, natural transitions are best.
  8. Assess whether your child will benefit from therapy. Both parents should participate.
  9. Educate your friends and family about the importance of your co-parent in your child's life.
  10. If you have an attorney, partner with them to manage the level of conflict in your case. Remember YOU are in charge of your attorney.


  1. At no time should you talk about the adult details of your divorce with your child; this is destructive to your child.
  2. Never talk about your new financial situation to your child, it is inappropriate and harmful.
  3. Avoid telling your child that they have a voice in the legal proceedings.
  4. Don't give up on disciplining your child because you want them to love you more than your co-parent.
  5. Refrain from criticizing your kids when they seem to be returning to behaviors of a younger age.
  6. Stay away from introducing your child to your new dates or to a new partner with whom you are becoming serious, too soon.
  7. Never tell your kids that your partner is their "new Mom or Dad."
  8. Resist using your child as a spy to find out what's going on in your co-parent's life.
  9. Stay away from delegating too much responsibility for babysitting younger kids or for household chores to your child.
  10. Avoid allowing your child to play one parent against the other.


10 Best and Worst Parenting Tips
Read more about helpful parenting practices and pitfalls to avoid when you are divorcing or separating from The High Conflict Co-Parenting Resource Group.
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7 Steps to Bonding with Your Stepchild by Suzen J. Ziegahn


Overcoming the Co-Parenting Trap: Essential Parenting Skills When a Child Resists a Parent by John A Moran, PH.D., Tyler Sullivan, & Matthew Sullivan PH.D.

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